Summer Camp Fundraiser!

Help Newton Neighbors Helping Neighbors send 15 – 20 students to camp this summer.

While camp scholarships do pay up to 80% of the cost, too many families can not afford the 20% – 30% payment required of them. Through this fundraiser NNHN has already raised $4,500 to help Newton school children continue to socialize, play and learn with their friends this summer, however as the word has spread, they have learned about more needs.

There is an amazing program – a collaboration between METCO and Newton Community Ed – to fund and sponsor 75 students to attend camp this summer. This program is $6,700 short of their need to cover the transportation and two-week camp costs for 6 more NPS students and NNHN hopes to help.

For every additional $1,100 raised, they can cover the cost for one more camper. For more information and donation links please visit the NCP sponsor link. And, for more about the METCO/NCE program click here Camp.

Here is an example of the campers they want to support (names changed for privacy).
“Alex and Dylan are twins, to a single mom, going into the first grade next year. Zoom Kindergarten was tricky for them, but they are back in school full time and loving their increased social interactions. Their school connected them with a summer program to help boost their reading, but that only takes place in the morning for the month of July. Their mom signed them up for NPS’s SPACE Camp for the afternoon and they are receiving the maximum scholarship amount. With the scholarship, their balance is $200 each for the entire month. They are most looking forward to swimming and meeting new friends at camp!”

Eli is a fourth grader who lives in a multi-generational household. This past year was particularly hard on him because he missed the consistency and the support he gets at school. Eli has been awarded a camp scholarship, but only 80% of the fee is covered. Eli still needs $400 to attend camp for six weeks. He is looking forward to water sports and being part of the camp talent show. Lucy is a fifth grader who has attended a local camp since she was in kindergarten, qualifying for a scholarship each year. In previous years her family was able to pay the small balance, but this year the scholarship can only cover 50%, which the family cannot afford. Lucy needs an additional $600. She will be very disappointed not to see her favorite counselors and friends from previous years. She loves swimming and wants to be a counselor in training when she is old enough!