Survey responses requested

UMass Amherst is working to expand access to Pre-College summer programs for high school students at the Mount Ida campus starting in the Summer of 2020.

In order to better understand the needs of the community, they are asking Newton parents to complete this Dual Credit Survey and hope to have as many responses as possible to help understand the range of classes that would best serve the needs of your students.

Dual Credit Survey

The past ten years have seen a significant expansion of opportunities for dual credit. Trusted journals — The Washington Post, Education Week, The Chronicle Of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and even National Education Association — all have raised questions about the efficacy of the growing dual enrollment trend. Nevertheless, the data remains clear: students who earn college credit while in high school:

• are more likely to graduate from high school
• are more likely to attend postsecondary education
• are more likely to persist and earn a post-secondary credential
• earn their postsecondary credentials more quickly
• are less likely to need remedial support
• transition to postsecondary with greater confidence
• save on tuition

UMass Amherst is committed to expanding access to Pre-College credit to diverse constituencies through the Mount Ida Campus and hopes you’ll answwer the survey.