S.P.A.C.E. Camp 2020 Summer Program for Academic & Creative Endeavors

Virtual SPACE is a four week enrichment program specifically designed to enable campers to explore, learn, and connect with their peers under the guidance of highly qualified educators. The staff is excited and motivated to be working with small groups of campers and provide them with engaging and enriching activities.

SPACE has a long history of providing creative, fun, and engaging experiences for campers in Newton.  Virtual SPACE will continue to provide excellent and engaging programming for their campers and also hopes that Virtual SPACE can provide families with structure and stability for the month of July.

Lower Camp Programming 
Lower campers (campers entering kindergarten to 3rd grade) will explore and thrive in a small group setting. Lower camp will offer small group breakout rooms to facilitate authentic connections with staff and other campers. Campers will also engage in daily activities such as read aloud, arts and crafts, yoga and meditation, and Boxygen. Supply kits will be included for arts and crafts.

Upper Camp Programming
Upper Campers (campers entering 4th to 9th grades) will choose from a selection of electives to design their own schedule. These virtual electives will run for the entire four week program enabling in-depth study, project-based learning, and skill development. All electives were specifically chosen based on their capacity to continue to be engaging for campers in a virtual setting. The daily schedule will consist of three 45 minute electives (chosen by the camper) with two 15 minute independent breaks. Campers will have the opportunity to change their schedule during the first week of SPACE if they want, but their day to day routine will remain the same after that. Campers will be in small groups to enable connection with staff and campers, in addition to support and instruction from the highly qualified staff.

Early Registration for Virtual SPACE is $500.00 for the month. Families sending multiple campers will receive a $50.00 discount per camper. Registration will increase $50.00 per camper after June 12th.

Checks can be mailed to SPACE Camp:
100 Walnut St, Room 218, Newtonville, MA 02460

Session runs Monday July 6th- Thursday, July 30th
9:00 – 11:45 am

Learn more on the website https://sites.google.com/abschools.org/space-camp/home and register electronically here.

STEAM Electives: Science Technology Arts Engineering and Math

Launch into the world of coding by learning the basics of the program, Scratch. Campers will design and create their own video games and animations. This course is for all campers no matter their level of experience with Scratch.

In Watercolor class, campers will have the opportunity to explore and learn an array of watercolor techniques and how to use them in painting, collage, and crafts to create colorful masterpieces. Campers of all abilities are welcome to participate. Supplies are included in this course.

Campers will learn and explore different art mediums. Campers will create projects based on their own inspiration and ultimately, learn a skill set of many different media. Materials include watercolor, collage, printing, and other artistic techniques. Supplies are included in this course.

Learn about the history of anime and manga and the different styles of the art form. We will watch anime clips and discuss techniques and drawing styles in each genre. We will analyze story structure and page set-up for manga. Campers will create their own characters.

This course is perfect for campers who love to draw and doodle with markers, pens, pencils or anything they can get their hands on!

Campers have an opportunity to test and expand their math skills. This is a math enrichment course with a special emphasis on games, puzzles, challenges, and problem solving.

Campers will learn math concepts such as problem solving, comprehension, basic skills, geometry, and fractions while also working on project based assignments. The class utilizes small group learning designed to develop critical thinking skills and boost confidence.

Language Arts Electives

Watch Marvel Cinematic Universe movie clips and analyze characters, plot, conflict, and overall quality of the movie. Compare and contrast various villains, create “deleted scenes” that you think should have been in the movie, and participate in debates based on movie reviews and critical blogs. Note: Parents of campers registered for this course are granting permission to watch PG-13 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

Write and publish a weekly SPACE Camp newspaper using different media such as photography, artwork, stories, poetry, ads, and comics. Campers and teachers look forward to reading the weekly edition each Friday morning.

Writer’s Workshop is designed for campers who love to write or are simply looking to improve their writing ability. Staff works with campers to complete high interest pieces that include elements of creative, analytical, and personal writing. An emphasis is on creativity and skill building as opposed to length or grammar and syntax. Campers develop conceptual understanding of applied literary terms and descriptive devices with experienced staff.

Campers will be given support in reading and writing to develop and enhance skills and to provide strategies for continued success. Campers will be expected to read one appropriately leveled book at home. Teachers will work with campers individually as well as in groups.

Learn and strengthen your English language skills. In this class, English will be taught thematically around cooking, hands-on science, and interactive games. Although the emphasis will be on speaking and listening, campers will create class books, write in journals, and read books connected to the themes being taught.

Athletics Electives

A fitness program designed to learn the technique of boxing while also improving strength and conditioning. It is designed for all ages and fitness levels by allowing each person to exercise at their own pace. BOXYGEN utilizes body weight exercises (no equipment needed) and emphasizes safety through proper exercise and punching technique to reduce injury risk. The program teaches punch combinations to improve hand-eye coordination and develop strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance.

Come explore a variety of age-appropriate movement activities to keep your body and mind healthy! You will learn Yoga poses, Mindfulness and breathing techniques, HIIT and Tabata Workouts, and you will also have the opportunity to create your own obstacle course! Let’s have fun, while you work on your strength, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and relaxation! EVERY-BODY is welcome.

Gaming Electives

Do you enjoy board games and outwitting your opponent? Campers will have the opportunity to play strategic board games like Settlers of Catan and Dungeons and Dragons virtually, along with many of the classics. Strategy Games promotes positive social interaction and collaboration through game play.

Trivia! Jeopardy! Family Feud! Campers will have the opportunity to play as well as spend time creating their own electronic game show!

*All electives with low enrollment are subject to cancellation

S.P.A.C.E. camp website http://www.newton.k12.ma.us/spacecamp or email to