Bus Transportation Update

Dear NPS Families,

The first two days of school have presented some significant challenges for our bus transportation. We apologize to those of you who have experienced delays, frustrations, and anxiety related to transportation on these first days of school.

Please know that we are receiving your voicemails and emails and will respond as soon as possible. There will be some delay in response given the extremely high volume of communications we are receiving. Our first priority is to resolve the issues related to bus routes so as to ensure your student’s timely transportation to and from school. Eastern Bus, our transportation vendor, has shared with us that the shortage of bus drivers is impacting operations. They are working diligently to get all drivers up to speed as soon as possible.

We know that many families have not received their bus passes and significant numbers of applications are still being submitted. All applications submitted prior to the August 16th deadline were processed, printed, and mailed. Please know that bus passes WILL NOT be checked until several weeks into the school year. This information has been communicated to all schools.

For families utilizing special education transportation, we are resolving issues on an individual basis as each student and ride is unique.

Given the significant construction projects in process throughout the City of Newton, additional bus delays may occur throughout the year. Because our buses operate on a tiered system (same buses are used for high school, middle school, elementary school), delays in one tier impact schools throughout the system.

Next year, we plan to implement changes to the registration process and timing to address the challenges we have experienced this year. Please look for additional information later this year.

We know this is a time of transition for all families. Lack of certainty in transportation makes that transition more difficult. Please know we are working hard to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Liam Hurley, Assistant Superintendent/Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Regina Moody, Director of Transportation