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Growth Mindset

Have you heard that Newton Public Schools is asking teachers and staff to explore how encouraging a “growth mindset” can motivate students to learn? Do you know that the research-based growth mindset is useful for all ages and in all settings—school, home, work, athletics? Come to a Parent/Guardian workshop on getting up to speed on the growth mindset.

Newton North School Council and PTSO invite any and all parents/guardians to a fun and engaging evening exploring the growth mindset. As Principal Jen Price shows you how Newton Public Schools faculty are being trained in the use of the growth mindset, you’ll learn:

  • Effective ways to give praise
  • Useful methods for encouraging children and teens to try new things and accept challenges
  • Constructive ways to respond to failure
  • Successful strategies for creating a parent-teacher dialogue about students’ development

You will also have a chance to apply the growth mindset during an interactive challenge.

To learn more about the growth mindset, read The Significance of Grit . or view this Ted Talk by Angela Duckworth.

December 3rd, 7:00-8:30 pm
Newton North High School cafeteria

VOTE on Tuesday, November 4th!!

Please go out and cast your vote. If you are unsure of your polling place (some have recently changed) ,  the following link will allow you to enter you address and

1. find your polling location
2. see exactly what will be on your ballot

Click here:     Where do I vote and what will be on the ballot?

Newton Leads: Ideas and Action – Next meet-up on October 29

“Newton Leads: Ideas and Action” is a new initiative designed to actively engage and partner with the Newton community to create a more livable, sustainable city.

Through a new web platform and monthly village meet-ups, citizens will be able to receive information and updates on city initiatives and events and share their ideas and input. The next village meet-up will be on Wednesday, October 29th at the Metro Credit Union in Nonantum.

Mayor Warren and City Department Heads will be available to hear input and answer questions beginning at 6:00 pm. Mayor Warren and city officials will also host a “virtual ideas session.” Anyone who is unable to make the meet-up will be able to stream the conversation from their computers or smart phones beginning at 7:00 pm.

From Newton Police Safety Officer Dawn Fleming:

I have witnessed parents making U-turns directly in front of the school, pulling into resident driveways to turn around disregarding the child that is walking on the sidewalk. Using the Blue Zone as a personal parking space showing a lack of consideration for other students and parents, double-parking and letting their child or children out of the car into the street instead of letting them out onto the sidewalk.

All of these types of unsafe driving behaviors are being done on a daily basis, defeating the purpose of the Blue Zone and the ability for a safe environment for your child. When you drop your child off/pick up at school, remember it is your responsibility to keep your child and others safe. Parents want to watch their child enter the school and drive away knowing their child’s in the safe environment, what some parents fail to think about is the way they drive away, making a U-turn or driving with excessive speed to work. All it takes is one time for you to hit a child and your life and your family’s life will change dramatically. No one would ever want to hit a child but with the current unsafe driving behavior it can happen to anyone!

The Newton Police Department employs 58 crossing guards for all 15 Elementary Schools, which is more than most cities in Massachusetts. Dropping your child off at school and letting him/her walk across the street without using the crossing guard defeats the purpose of having them there for your child’s safety. We appreciate that the majority of parents are friendly and treat our crossing guards with respect but unfortunately some of our crossing guards have reported that parents have used profanity and have been very disrespectful towards them.

We try to maintain as many crossing posts as required by the number of children crossing with our guards. If the guards are not being utilized that post may be eliminated.
Please remember to drive safely for the well being of all children attending our schools.
Thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter.

Support Newton Cares and our Community

The Newton Cares Coalition was formed last year to bring greater awareness to mental health issues, to help prevent suicides in our community, and to find ways to support those who have been bereaved by suicide. Newton Cares is a community partnership that requires active and broad-based involvement. Join one of the four subcommittees – Postvention (the short-term response following a suicide), Youth, Adult, Advocacy – to brainstorm ideas and develop priorities for the next six months.

Accomplishments to date include the creation of a web-based mental health screening service offered by the City, a number of recently completed and upcoming suicide and mental health training programs, coping and support strategies, and programming for youth and adults. But more needs to be done.

What can you do to help?
Come to the next Newton Cares meeting:
October 23rd, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Newton Senior Center, 345 Walnut Street

Interested, but can’t make it? Join our mailing list and visit the website to see what’s on the horizon.